The End and the Beginning

The Preparation

The book of Revelation is the last inspired book to be written.  The word “revelation” is where we get our word apocalypse. Apocalypse has come to mean anything catastrophic. The original meaning is to unveil or to disclose. Revelation is primarily about the future. These events are imminent meaning they can happen at...

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The Impact of Christmas

One week ago was Christmas Eve.  In the coming days the 2017 holiday season will come to a close.  The decorations will come down, the students will return to school, the figgy pudding will have been eaten and the Christmas music will stop.   We will settle back into our normal rhythms of life. With this in mind I...

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Tell the Truth

Our culture believes that truth is made not found.  The world’s view of truth is the exact opposite of what scripture teaches in Isaiah 59:14.  In our culture everyone is entitled to his own truth.  To suggest that you might be right about your beliefs and that others might be...

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