Do you truly seek to grow in your faith, be better connected to others, and experience a deeper understanding of God's plan for your life and for the mission of the Church in the world? If so, you will find that Adult Sunday School classes are perfect places for fostering fellowship, learning more about the Bible, strengthening your faith, and developing a deeper, richer Christian worldview.  The classes are a great way to get to meet people and make friends since they're smaller than the worship services and have lots of relaxed, open discussion.  Classes meet every Sunday morning from 9:45 - 10:30 am.




  • Led by: Matt Winquist
  • Who: Young Adults, 18-26
  • Where: Room 209/210

2/24-Young Families


  • Led by: Pastor Todd Wertman
  • Who: Young Families, 20's-30's
  • Where: Lecture Hall

D6-Parents of Teens



  • Led by: Brad Krater
  • Who: Couples, 30's & 40's
  • Where: Room 211




  • Led by: Randy Andrews
  • Who: Singles and Couples, Late 20's - 60's
  • Where: Small AWANA Room



  • Led by: Pastor Daren Ritchey
  • Who: Couples, 50's & Up
  • Where: Large AWANA Room



  • Led by: Pastor Lou Hileman
  • Who: 50's & Up
  • Where: Room 106

Berean Bible


  • Led by: Joe Ebersole
  • Who: 30's & Up, Singles or Couples
  • Where: Room 104

New Beginnings


  • Led by: Don Meckley
  • Who: Singles, Recently Divorced
  • Where: Room 304

Vision of Hope

  • Led by: Deanna Clapper
  • Who: Ladies, interested in missions
  • Where: Room 305