Welcome to Grace Students!

At this point in your kid’s life, you may be wanting to rewind the tape.  And they might be wanting to fast forward.  You’re probably asking, “How did we get here so fast?”  Seventh grade isn’t official for a few more months, but you may already feel like pressures are high and emotions are soaring.

We want you to know that we’re on your side.  We’re in this with you. We desperately want to partner with you to equip your students to live normal ordinary lives with significant gospel intentionality.  We want to come alongside of you and help you affirm their personal faith journey so that we can mobilize their potential as they grow.  We want to begin to develop the relationships that can help them develop an authentic faith.

We’re for you.  We’re for your kid.  We’re for the church.  We’re for the glory of God.

So, here's where to start:

Step 1:  

Text "grade7parent" to (814) 707.4648 to get your Parent Code

(If you've already picked up your PARENT PACK from the Welcome Center, you will find the code in there as well)

Step 2:  

Click the "Get Connected" button below and use the Parent Code to enter the form

Step 3:  

Fill out the form, print the confirmation email, and bring it to the Welcome Center for your free copy of Parenting by Paul Tripp (a $15 value)

*Note: By filling out the form, you'll automatically be signed up to receive weekly email updates for Grace Students

Step 4:  

While you're at the Welcome Center, pick up a PARENT PACK that contains helpful information about Grace Students, as well as some cool stuff to make your 7th grader feel welcome.

Step 5:  

Contact Pastor Bryan with any questions!