Mission and Vision

The student ministry at Grace Bible Church exists to help parents equip their students to live normal ordinary lives with significant gospel intentionality. 

Our goal is to see every student involved in a discipling relationship while on a specific mission.  This means that they have both a leader investing in them and also that they are actively seeking to invest in at least one other student as they track through life together.

Everybody does ordinary life—it’s the gospel intentionality that makes us different.  We want students to see that what they do in the everyday stuff of life matters.  It’s not just about coming to events or participating in activities.  It’s about being on mission as disciples of Jesus in the everyday stuff.  Since we ARE the church, everything we do counts.  This means that school, sports, band, drama, or whatever else they’re involved with are not compartmentalized from church.  All of these things are platforms that God has given them to live out the gospel message right where they’re at in their circles of influence.  We don’t want to pull them away from the mission that God has called them to—we want to equip them for it.  We want to show them what it looks like to be disciples of Jesus every day, not just on certain days.  We want them to BE the church.

Grace Students is defined by these 4 ideas:

  1. Gospel Centered:  Who is God; What Has He Done; Who Are We; What Do We Do
  2. Mission Driven:  Helping parents make disciples who make disciples
  3. Student Focused:  Intentionally interacting with students in 7th-12th grade
  4. Relationship Based:  The program is simply the vehicle to help develop life-on-life relationships

Grace Students is about connecting your student with the life-transforming truths of the Bible while plugging them into a network of relationships with leaders who care about them and other students who are tracking through the same stages of life as they are.

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Pastor Bryan Kurty

Bryan was born and raised right here in Duncansville, PA.  He earned a BA in North American Church Planting from Northland International University.  While at Northland, he met his wife, Jerelyn.  In the summer of 2012, God led Bryan and his family to Grace Bible Church, and in 2013 they...

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