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New Beginnings Study, “You’ll Get Through This”

Join the New Beginnings class in Room 304 at 9:45 am.

Sometimes the challenges of life threaten to overwhelm us. We wonder how we’ll carry on after the day the bottom dropped out. For you, it may have been the day of a financial crisis, a bad diagnosis, an accident, or you were served divorce papers by your spouse. Whatever it was, you knew your life was going to change dramatically, and it didn’t seem like it was for the better.

Max Lucado encourages us through sharing the Biblical story of Joseph. Stripped of his identity, thrown into a pit and sold as a slave. His was a story of defeat and challenges; but as time passed, God worked through his circumstances to bring redemption and reconciliation. Although it may seem hard to believe, you will get through this too. The story of Joseph’s life didn’t end in the pit; and neither does yours.

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